Booker's 6 Year Old True Barrel Bourbon 63.70% 70cl -

Booker's 6 Year Old True Barrel Bourbon 63.70% 70cl

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This particular batch enjoyed 6 years and one month of maturation in new American White Oak barrels, before being bottled at a hefty cask strength of 63.7% ABV.
The whisky has a mash-bill of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% barley, making for a perfect balance of flavour.
Traditionally, barrels for this bottling are drawn from only the very finest casks in the warehouses, from the centre, which produces the most intensely flavoursome Bourbon.
This is a fantastic example of how good Bourbon can be, with beautiful notes of menthol, cherry, caramel, vanilla and oak.

Booker was a sixth-generation master distiller who grew up at a distillery in the heart of Kentucky. He was born to bourbon. While others rejoiced to drink bourbon at age 21, Booker was thrilled to be making the stuff.

In 1992, Booker introduced the world to small batch bourbon. He actually coined the term 'small batch'. With it came his own signature bourbon, Booker's True Barrel Bourbon. Inspired by a 200 year old tradition, Booker's is bottle uncut and unfiltered.