Lillet Rouge Wine-Based Aperitif  75cl -

Lillet Rouge Wine-Based Aperitif

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Created in 1962 in Podensac, a small village south of Bordeaux, by Maison Lillet using methods passed down since the 19th century
Resulting from traditional preparation methods and ancestral savoir-faire, Lillet Rouge is the perfect low ABV drink for the aperitif moment.
A blend of carefully selected wines (Merlot and Cabernot Sauvignon) and fruit and Quinquina infusions, matured in French oak barrels for several months, allowing its aromas to mellow and its characteristic taste to mature
Nose: Very ripe dark fruits; Taste: Powerful perfumes of fresh oranges, ripe red fruits, vanilla and very fine spices with a solid structure; Finish: Ample, supple tannins of the ripped-picked fruit
Best enjoyed well chilled over ice or in cocktails
Lillet Rouge has won several international awards, among which 2 gold medals