Ron Centenario 30yr old Rum Edicion Limita 40% 70cl -

Ron Centenario 30yr old Rum Edicion Limita

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40% 70cl

It is an exclusive and exceptional blend of rums from limited edition which it´s achieved thanks to a craft aging under the solera method, with rums from 8 to 30 years old of great body and bouquet that make it stand out among rum experts for being woody and fruity.

Product of Costa Rica.
Alcohol content: 40%
Type of elaboration: artisan aging in barrels of American white oak, under the Solera system.
Rum gluten free.
Nose: Rich, intense, persistent yet delicate aroma balancing oak and fruity notes with subtle tones of green fruits.
Color: Deep Amber.
Tasting Notes: A wonderful smooth palate of soft wood flavor. Woody palate imparts a silky sensation. with a long, rich and aromatic finish. Blend of flavors unparalleled.
Serving Suggestion: To enjoy on the rocks, preferably with pure water.

At the International Spirits Challenge 2011, this rum did attain the first place among 700 participating spirits.