Truffle Gin 42% 70cl

Truffle Gin 42% 70cl

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Truffle Gin is the world's first digestif gin, produced by the Cambridge Distillery - officially the world's most innovative distillery!

It is beautifully balanced and deliciously decadent!

To create the incredible length and intensity in this luxurious spirit we started with white truffle from Alba, Piedmont, which is famously more expensive gram-for-gram than gold.

Aside from the truffle and juniper, the highly sought-after recipe remains the secret of Master Distiller, Will Lowe.

As with all of our gins, every botanical is individually vacuum distilled, at low temperatures, to preserve the freshest qualities possible. We produce and bottle everything by hand, at our distillery in Cambridge, to ensure that every product released is of the highest possible quality.

We recommend serving Truffle Gin neat over ice, or mixed with Mediterranean tonic. It also creates a beautifully elegant Martini, and adds a savoury touch to a Truffle Gin Negroni!